Distribution of Mining Permits By Operator in 2019

ONHYM 1,065
Mining companies 4,034
Total 5,099

Exemption from import duty and the value added tax applicable for imported equipment for investment equal or greater than
200 million MAD

Reduced tax rate of 17.5% for exporting mining companies and mining companies which sell their products to companies which export them after valorisation

A State contribution to infrastructure requirements (including roads, water supply and electricity) within the limit of 5% of the value of the investment (for projects with an investment exceeding
200 million MAD)


A new mining law was adopted by the Parliament and published in the Official Bulletin N° 6384 « on August 6, 2015. The Law was implemented on 23 May 2016 after the publication of the implementation decree. This law n° 33-13 repeals the Mining Regulations dated April 16, 1951. Its 122 articles come to give new impetus to the Moroccan mining industry. The new provisions of the law are as follows

  • Extension of the scope to all mineral substances for industrial use, excluding construction and civil engineering materials
  • Introduction of the exploration authorisation to operate in large areas (100 to 600 km²) granted for a period of two years, renewable only once for a period of one year, with the right to obtain priority research permit within the scope of the authorisation
  • Research permit applies to a square perimeter 4 X 4 km (16 km²), granted for a period of 3 years, renewable only once for a period of 4 years
  • Mining licence covering an area that cannot exceed the surface area of the research permit from which it derives, and cannot be less than 1km². Granted for a period of ten years, renewable for successive ten-year periods until reserves are depleted
  • Introduction of new measures for environmental management
  • Geothermal deposits are considered mines
  • Establishment of the operating licence of dumps and tailings, planned for the enrichment and / or recovery of waste and residues of mine products
  • Extended coverage by the mining legislation to offshore areas. The activities related to extraction, collection and marketing of mineral and fossil specimens and meteorites are subject to the mining law
  • Introduction of provisions relating to natural or artificial cavities for underground storage of natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons, liquefied or gaseous, or chemicals for industrial use


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