The Moroccan subsoil has geothermal energy potential still unexploited, especially in the northeastern part where the estimated installed capacity is around 5 MWe. Geothermal data obtained so far, especially from deep exploration oil wells, highlight a heat flux increasing northeastward (80–140 mW/m2) in the eastern Rift, northeastern Morocco, Alboran Sea, southeastern Spain and northwestern Algeria.

The highest value for geothermal gradient in Morocco (figure) is found in the northeastern part where it can reach 50°C/km. The new temperature data, recently recorded in a water borehole located in the Berkane and Oujda areas revealed an average geothermal gradient more than 120ºC/km at depths greater than 300 m.

Geothermal gradient Map of Morocco

Such a high geothermal gradient, exceeding by far the ones already determined for northeastern Morocco, could act as a stimulus programs (geothermal exploitation) of high temperature aquifers, limited, until now to drinkable water distribution or to balneology.